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Why ShakeTastic?

Why ShakeTastic?

We’ve been blending for over a decade so we have learnt a lot about the milkshake and smoothie business.

We’ve made mistakes, won awards, created systems and processes that work and established a way of doing things which is highly profitable and a lot of fun.

We’ve taken our time to get everything just right and we’re now perfectly placed to help support our franchisees achieve success.

By joining the ShakeTastic franchise family you get the right to:

Operate in a specific protected territory

Gain expert assistance in finding locations and in negotiating sites

Receive initial and on-going training for you and your staff

Receive a comprehensive Systems Manual and a Business Operations Manual

Receive an initial stock of all your marketing materials

Day to day guidance and support and all your marketing materials at cost

Trade under the ShakeTastic name and list of trademarks and copyrights

Utilise the ShakeTastic® logo and slogans as appropriate