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What Makes A Great Franchisee

Here are some things we look for in franchisees, you’ll need to:

Enjoy serving people

Have a passion for making and selling quality products

Pay attention to detail

Have an ability and willingness to follow proven systems

Have a personality which people warm to and be a real team leader

Have a real desire to make a difference and a readiness to go the extra mile

Have an ability to keep calm when things get busy

Be well-organised and efficient

Be pro active and helpful

Uphold ShakeTastic brand values at all times

Enjoy running a business

Have fun and make money

Maintain minimum operating times

Follow the operations manual

We have three opportunity levels to join ShakeTastic. They are:


This involves taking a minimum of five locations and involves a more detailed application process.


A life changing opportunity for operators / managers. It’s your business, your franchise and your future.


We’re a fast growing global brand with stores already in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We’re looking to work with international partners to bring our great tasting shakes and smoothies to more people around the world.