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The Investment

One of our core values as a company and as people is to be honest and upfront.

That’s why we’re totally transparent about the finances needed to open a ShakeTastic franchise.

The capital expenditure of each store varies due to size, location and some other factors.

But our experience has shown that it’s possible to open a single ShakeTastic for approximately £50,000 investment depending on the condition of the unit.

This is broken down like this:

£10,000 licence fee per store.

£5,000 training fee.

£35,000 for fit out, store equipment, legal fees and everything else.

We would expect you to get your initial investment back within 12-18 months of opening your franchise.

A more detailed breakdown of the financials can be accessed once you have completed an application form and signed a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Prices correct as at May 2017. Please contact us to confirm investment levels prior to starting the process.